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Ever wondered why companies insist that their employees keep their workplaces clean? Not only is a dirty workplace a terrible place to work in, but it also lowers productivity and efficiency. Cleaning up after a day of work is just as important as what you do for a living.

Japanese companies innovated a productivity philosophy called “5S,” which stands for five Japanese words that refer to a methodology not only for cleaning, but for business. The 5S methodology is all about eliminating waste, speeding up daily tasks, and improving the quality of the workplace. We can use the 5S methodology in Kenya to help us organize your tasks at the end of every working day.

Seiri (Sorting)

Go through everything in your workplace. Check your shelves, desks, and even the file structures in your office computer. Keep only the items you need at work, and discard or store everything else. Sorting and storing reduces the time you spend looking for a particular pencil, a notepad, or a certain file on your computer, which means that you can devote more time to work.

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Seiton (Set in Order)

“Set in order” means that there’s a place for everything, and everything should be in its place. After a day of work, take the time to see if your writing materials, tools, notes, and files are in their correct and proper order. It also means that you can improve the work flow for the next working day.

Seiso (Sweeping)

At the end of each working day, take the time to clean up after your office space. Clean up after any mess you make. Not only should you do this out of courtesy, but “seiso” also means that you know the exact place of everything you need for work. It also means that when you enter a clean office, you should work and leave in a clean office.

Seiketsu (Standardizing)

Almost every company has a standardized manual on company behavior and workplace cleanliness. If your company assigns cleaning tasks, you should know exactly what you should do and stick with that role for the particular task.

Shitsuke (Sustaining)

A systematic and productive workplace is not a one-day-affair just because the boss or some prospective clients are around. Sustaining your cleaning tasks is important to improve productivity and increase employee satisfaction. Remember that if you cannot sustain 5S, you have to start over.

The 5S system may sound simple, but it demands dedication and commitment. With 5S, you can be sure to complete your office cleaning tasks in no time.

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