Keep Off The Bugs!

The number one strategy of controlling household pests is a preventive tactic which is general cleanliness around your home. Sometimes even despite your best efforts, worrisome little critters will work their way inside. That calls for a direct hand-to-hand combat.

Pests such as bugs, fleas, rodents, spiders etc are some of the most embarrassing creatures to be crawling in our houses. They have a tendency of appearing especially when we have guests in our houses thereby causing embarrassment. Human beings have a tendency of associating pests with DIRT.

The best technique to reduce pests in our houses is to reduce potential habitats and food sources for household pests. Some other techniques involve picking up clutter, keeping the house free of moisture and food particles, moving wood piles away from your home, and keeping plants well-pruned and gardens free from debris.

Many creatures like to live and breed in dark undisturbed areas. It is therefore necessary to clean under furniture, in closets, food storage nooks, cupboards and pet resting areas…

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