Lets clean up our staircases!

Because they are awkward to clean, stairs and steps are often neglected. How you clean them depends on whether they are carpeted or bare and whether they are located inside or outside.

Carpeted Stairs
An excessively soiled carpet can hold up to one pound of dirt in each square yard. On carpeted stairs embedded dirt tend to be concentrated in the center and front of the tread where people walk. To suck up dirt and soil, the vacuum cleaner is the tool of choice, preferably one with a beater bar. For better results, Cleaning at least once a week is necessary. It is necessary to ensure that the carpet gets agitation so that dirt can vibrate its way to the top.
A small handheld vacuum cleaner with a beater bar is needed to suction dirt from the center as well as all the hills and valleys of a staircase. Use six to eight overlapping strokes against the nap of the carpet to vacuum high traffic areas and three to four overlapping strokes at the edges and risers, where dust ,pet hair and lint accumulate.

Outdoor stairs that are carpeted should be vacuumed or blown clean to remove leaves and debris. Always remember to move the dirt away from the house.

Uncarpeted Steps and Stairs

Unlike carpeted stairs, dirt tends to collect along the edges and corners on a hard-surface staircase, while the centers of the treads remain relatively clean. A canister vacuum is the most effective for reaching the dirt that’s trapped in all the cracks and crevices.

On out door steps sweep the steps clean from top bottom with a broom, then spray them with a garden hose to remove fine particles. Sweep at least once a week or more often in wet weather and dusty climates.




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