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The Importance of a Vacuum Cleaner

One definite requirement to cleaning the house is and always has been the vacuum cleaner.

Believe it or not, there is a more effective cleaning system than the same vacuum which has been around for so many years. It is the central vacuum cleaner and they are becoming common in a lot of homes. It has a stronger suction that provides a greater cleaning ability.

With the central vacuum, dust and debris is sucked into the unit because it is located in the central position of the house. The bag isn’t being carried around with the unit like the portable vacuum so this means there is no chance that dust will be re-circulated around the house.

You can buy a central vacuum with a Hepa filter so that the tiniest dust particles can be picked up and trapped. With the central vacuum all dust can be removed from the house. It is a fact that dust can be attached to the exterior of the house as well, this can also be removed as part of the process.

There is another system available which with the rotation of air inside the machine separates the dust and dirt and propels it into the bag. This system is called the cyclonic system.

Although this method is not as efficient as the Hepa filter because there is a small percentage of dust will not be picked up. An additional filter on the central vacuum system can help to remove dust that was left over.

Here are a few big differences in the portal vacuum and the central unit: the central unit has the convenience of not needing to be pulled around the house as you clean and it also has the power in which the great suction operates.

For those who may be suffering from an allergic reaction to dust mites, this central vacuum system is the best investment for your household.

Let the windows sparkle

How often do you wash your windows? Once a year? Twice a year? Never? You know it’s not enough. You’re probably sitting at your desk, looking out of the window, trying to see if it’s a beautiful day or not, and there’s grime. Your view of the world is covered in grime. What is that black stuff, anyway?

Clean windows are obviously an important part of office and  home maintenance, but no one likes to do it.   Windows should be washed once every month or two, depending on the surroundings. If you’re in the city, consider washing your windows at least once a month. If your  of house is in a place where dirt and pollen always sticks, consider cleaning windows every two months or so.

Commercial window cleaning can be a little more tasking than domestic window cleaning. We therefore advice commercial property owners to clean their buildings either once or twice a year depending again with the location of the building.

Why are Clean Windows Important?

Windows allow light in your office and home giving you a bright atmosphere to live and work in. Dust particles are often found on window panes which when blown inside buildings cause coughs and nasal congestion.

We also want to have our offices and homes looking splendid. A clean premise builds up confidence whenever we have those high-end clients in our offices or guests in our homes.

A clean commercial building attracts an on looker from the outside. People have a tendency of judging the cleanliness of a building from what they can see on the outside…


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